A project management tool for EURODEER

ms_smallEURODEER project is growing and many people are working at the same time on maintenance, development and management of the database. Lots of things are going on, including data collection and upload, quality checks, creation of new tools, and data analysis. This requires a proper tool to plan, keep track and coordinate the activities of the database manager, data curators and final users. For these reasons EURODEER adopted a free, web-based task management tool called MeisterTask which is fast, easy-to-use and powerful tool to coordinate in real-time the work of a whole team. All relevant information is now safely stored in a central place and any EURODEER user is invited to join (just let us know you are interested). Here you can "open a ticket" and add notes to help a quick and effective solution. At the  moment, 85 tasks are created, 15 of which have already been solved. We will periodically update a summary of the work tracked on MeisterTask.

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