New EURODEER documentation

A complete documentation of the EURODEER project, and particularly of the EURODEER database, is now available on the GitHub project pages. The most relevant document is the EURODEER USER GUIDE. In addition you have a DATABASE DICTIONARY with the description of all the objects of the EURODEER database (schema, tables, views, columns, funtions), generated from the comments stored in the db. In EURODEER FUNCTIONS you have a description of the functions created to specifically manage tracking data with example of use. More examples on the use of raster data stored in the database are available in this EURODEER TUTORIAL ON RASTER FOT TRACKING DATA. All the documentation is available in MarkDown format (optimized for web visualization). Feedbacks are very welcome! The documents are centered on EURODEER database but are relevant also for EUREDDEER and EUROBOAR database.

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