New EURODEER website released


The new EURODEER website is now active at the usual web address It is based on wordpress, an open source Content Management System and one of the most common platform used by any kind of website. The site is now better structured, has additional functionalities, is responsive (i.e. it adapts to the device where it is visualized) and easier to update and manage. We merged the public and the private website, keeping the sensitive pages restricted to EURODEER partners. The old private website ( will not be maintained any more. On top of this, the general look is more professional as compared to the design of the previous one.

We hope that this new website will contribute to improve the collaboration among EURODEER partners and extend its network and impact.

Any EURODEERer that wants to contribute adding content (particularly in form of news/posts) is very welcome to send the material or to ask an account with the permission to modify the site.

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