githubEURODEER has now a space on GITHUB. This repository will store the database structure, SQL queries and documentation used to maintain and update the EURODEER database. It is shared among database managers, curators and users. And even if it is pretty specific to the EURODEER project, it might be of some interest for others outside our network. The repository is divided in subdirectories:

  • data_management: Data management (SQL code and functions for quality checks and data import, export, screening)
  • data_analysis: Data analysis (SQL code and functions for specific analysis performed inside and outside the database)
  • db_tools: Database tools (Database functions, including pl/R, used to specifically deal with wildlife tracking data)
  • db_structure: Database strcture (SQL code that generate the EURODEER database structure)
  • documentation: Documentation (Manuals to use the database and its functionalities/outputs)

GitHub is a web-based platform that allows its users to discuss and share codes. In addition to code hosting services, GitHub also offers a control system for the collaborative development of code. Unlike Git, which is strictly a command-line tool, GitHub provides a Web-based graphical interface and desktop as well as mobile integration.

If any EURODEER user is interested to contribute, we will be happy to give direct access to update the repository, which is visible to anyone.

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