Course on Data Management

An intense one-week course with a mix of technical lectures and hands-on exercises to handle and manipulate spatial data typically used in Movement and Population Ecology will be held at the Campus at Fondazione Edmund Mach, via Mach 1, San Michele all’Adige, Trento, Italy, between mountains and vineyards (
Dates: June 17-22 2018. This is few kilometers and the week before the EURODEER meeting. It is organized by Francesca Cagnacci, Research and Innovation Centre-Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy; Erlend B. Nilsen-NINA, Norway; Oyvind Steifetten- USN, Norway in the framework of the network IRSAE.

Proficiently following the course will provide participants with solid skills in spatial database (PostgreSQL/PostGIS) and R for processing ecological spatio-temporal data. Basic knowledge of SQL and R is essential. The course will be completed by guest lectures on special topics.

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